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May 23--26, 2016
2016 ASL North American Annual Meeting
August 3--8, 2015
2015 ASL European Summer Meeting (Logic Colloquium '15)
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2016 ASL North American Annual Meeting Storrs, Connecticut
May 23--26, 2016
The members of the Local Organizing Committee are: Jc. Beall, D. Dzhafarov, D. Ripley, M. Rossberg, and R. Solomon (Chair).

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2015 ASL European Summer Meeting (Logic Colloquium '15) Helsinki, Finland
August 3--8, 2015
Logic Colloquium '15 will be co-located with the 15th Conference of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science (CLMPS 2015; see Other Meetings and, and the Scandinavian Logic Society Summer School in Logic (see ASL Sponsored Meetings and Tutorials will be offered by E. Grädel and M. Magidor. The invited plenary speakers include: T. Arai, S. Artemov, S. Awodey, J. van Benthem, A. Chernikov, I. Farah, D. Macbeth, A. Morozov, Y. Peterzil, R. Schindler, S. Shelah (TBC), and S. Terwijn. Special sessions (with organizers in parentheses) include: Computability theory (R. Miller and A. Soskova), Logic and quantum foundations (S. Abramsky), Model theory (D. Macpherson), Philosophy of mathematics and logic (P. Blanchette and P. Maddy), Proof theory (B. van den Berg and M. Rathjen), and Set theory (H. Mildenberger). The Program Committee members are: A. Bauer, Z. Chatzidakis, J.F. Knight, S. Kreutzer, \O. Linnebo, K. Tanaka, J. Väänänen, A. Weiermann, and D. Westerst\aa hl (Chair). The Local Organizing Committee includes: A. Halko, M. Hannula, L. Hella, \AA. Hirvonen, T. Huuskonen, T. Hyttinen, K. Kangas, J. Kennedy, J. Kontinen, K. Luosto, M. Moreno, J. Oikkonen, G. Paolini, M. Pauna, J. Väänänen (Chair), and F. Yang. For further information, visit the website below.

Abstracts of contributed talks submitted by ASL members will be published in The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic if they satisfy the Rules for Abstracts (see below). Abstracts can be submitted at; the deadline for submission is May 3, 2015.


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