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Perspectives in Logic

Logic is a subject which is both rich and varied. Its origins lie in philosophy and the foundations of mathematics. But during the last half century it formed deep links with many branches of mathematics. More recently it has become a central tool in theoretical computer science, and its influence in linguistics is growing rapidly.

The Perspectives in Logic series publishes substantial, high-quality books whose central theme lies in any area or aspect of logic. Books that present new material not now available in book form are particularly welcome. The series ranges from introductory texts suitable for beginning graduate courses to specialized monographs at the frontiers of research. Each book offers an illuminating perspective for its intended audience. The ASL is committed to making books in the Perspectives in Logic series available at a reasonable cost, and intends to keep them available in print or electronic form indefinitely.

This series is the successor to the series Perspectives in Mathematical Logic, which was founded in 1969 by the Omega Group, consisting of R. O. Gandy, H. Hermes, A. Levy, G. H. Müller, G. E. Sacks and D. S. Scott. This group was initially sponsored by a grant from the Stiftung Volkswagenwerk and the series appeared under the auspices of the Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften. From 1986 to 2001, Perspectives in Mathematical Logic was published by Springer-Verlag under editorial direction of the Association for Symbolic Logic. In 2001 the ASL assumed full responsibility for the series and broadened its scope to include all of logic. It is now published jointly with Cambridge University Press as Perspectives in Logic.

List of all published volumes (with the year of the last edition in Perspectives):

Jeffrey Paris and Alena Vencovsca: Pure Inductive Logic, 2015
Stephen G. Simpson: Subsystems of Second Order Arithmetic, 2nd edition, 2009
Stephen Cook and Phuong The Nguyen: Logical Foundations of Proof Complexity, 2010
Helmut Schwichtenberg and Stanley S. Wainer: Proofs and Computations, 2012
Henk Barendregt, Wil Dekkers, Richard Statman: Lambda Calculus with Types, 2013

Coming Soon

Previously published
Stephen G. Simpson: Subsystems of Second Order Arithmetic, 1999
H.-D. Ebbinghaus and J. Flum: Finite Model Theory, 1999
Saharon Shelah: Proper and Improper Forcing, 1998
Petr Hájek and Pavel Pudlák: Metamathematics of First Order Arithmetic, 1998
Egon Börger, Erich Grädel and Yuri Gurevich: The Classical Decision Problem, 1997
Thomas Jech: Set Theory, 1997
Steven Buechler: Essential Stability Theory, 1996
Akihiro Kanamori: The Higher Infinite, 1995
Gerald E. Sacks: Higher Recursion Theory, 1990
Marian B. Pour-El and J. Ian Richards: Computability in Analysis and Physics, 1989
John T. Baldwin: Fundamentals of Stability Theory, 1988
Robert I. Soare: Recursively Enumerable Sets and Degrees, 1987
J. Barwise and S. Feferman, Eds.: Model-Theoretic Logics, 1985
Keith J. Devlin: Constructibility, 1984
Jens E. Fenstad: General Recursion Theory, 1980
Manuel Lerman: Degrees of Unsolvability, 1980
Azriel Levy: Basic Set Theory, 1980
Peter G. Hinman: Recursion-Theoretic Hierarchies, 1978
Jon Barwise: Admissible Sets and Structures, 1975

Omega Bibliography

Volume I: Classical logic. G.H. Müller, W. Lenski; W. Rautenberg (eds.) (1987)
Volume II: Non-Classical Logics. G.H. Müller, W. Lenski; W. Rautenberg (eds.) (1987)
Volume III: Model Theory. G.H. Müller, W. Lenski; H.-D. Ebbinghaus (eds.) (1987)
Volume IV: Recursion Theory. G.H. Müller, W. Lenski; P.G. Hinman (eds.) (1987)
Volume V: Set Theory. G.H. Müller, W. Lenski; A. Blass (eds.) (1987)
Volume VI: Proof Theory, Constructive Mathematics. G.H. Müller, W.Lenski; J.E. Kister & D. van Dalen & A.S. Toelstra (eds.) (1987)


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