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The Journal of Symbolic Logic - JSL Authors Guidelines

The Journal invites submission of original scholarly work in mathematical logic and its applications. The Journal primarily publishes papers of up to 30 pages in length, but longer papers will be considered.

Manuscripts are accepted for review with the understanding that the same work has not been and will not be published elsewhere, nor is presently submitted elsewhere, and that all persons listed as authors have given their approval
for the submission of the paper. Authors also are advised to consult the Association for Symbolic Logic's Publication Ethics policy which can be found at

Full versions of important papers that have previously been published in conference proceedings are eligible for publication, provided that the submitted paper extends the pre-publication in a significant way. In such cases, when authors submit a paper for publication in the JSL they are required to provide a precise reference to the pre-publication and to explain how the submission differs from the conference version. If a paper has been previously rejected by one of the editors, this fact must be disclosed if it is being submitted to another editor.

The ASL policy on plagiarism applies to the JSL and and can be found at

The ASL has an online web based management system for the JSL. All papers should be submitted via this system which can be found at Instructions directed specifically at using the system can also be found there. Authors should keep a complete copy of their submission and all electronic files from which it was created.

If you are new to this system, please register at this site as directed. You will then be taken to your "Projects" page. Click on the button at the top of the page titled "New Submission" and follow the instructions. First choose the
Journal of Symbolic Logic from the Journal pull down list. Then choose an editor and upload the files for your submission. If you do not choose an editor, the managing editor will assign one.

The preferred format for submissions is pdf. Other standard formats may also be used at the submission stage (ps, dvi, word) if it is not possible to convert them to pdf. After acceptance a Latex source file, preferably using
the asl document class (asl.cls) and BibTeX style (asl.bst) which can be found at the AuthorResources page would be much appreciated. A pdf file produced from the source code is also requested at that time.

Note that abstracts are now required for final versions of all papers. Key words and AMS classification numbers are strongly recommended.

If you cannot get the system to work or experience difficulties, please email with a description of the problem.

Papers already in progress will continue to be handled under the old system.

Before publication authors will be requested to sign a transfer of copyright to the Association for Symbolic Logic so that the authors and publishers may be protected from misuse of published material. No print offprints will be supplied but after publication authors will receive a link to a freely accessible electronic pdf file of the published paper. Print offprints may be purchased if desired.

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