The Association for Symbolic Logic Typesetting Group

The files posted here make it possible to create TEX-files in the style used by the publications of the Association for Symbolic Logic, including The Journal of Symbolic Logic, The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic  and the Lecture Notes in Logic, which (in particular) publishes the proceedings of meetings of the Association. To use these files, one needs to have LaTeX installed, and to know (reasonably well) how to use it.

Required files:

  • The documentclass (227 KB):  asl.cls . (Version 1.3, posted June 7, 2002)
  • The document guide for asl.cls :
    pdf file, asldoc.pdf (17 pages, 300 KB). The complete document.
    Texfile, asldoc.tex. This will not compile fully without the proprietary Monotype fonts used by ASL Publications, but it is useful for searching.
  • The auxiliary document (4 pages):  pdf file, amsthdoc.pdf .
  • The Bibtex stylefile (80 KB):  asl.bst .
  • New: The Review stylefile (3 KB):  review.sty .
  • The description of the review style: pdf file, reviewsty.pdf (5 pages, 130 KB).
  • An empty template for a review: template.tex .
  • Optional files:

  • The document guide for amsart (480 KB): pdf file, amsldoc.pdf .
  • A list of mathematical symbols available under asl.cls:  pdf file, aslsyms.pdfTexfile, aslsyms.tex .
  • Sam Buss's package for formal proofs:  bussproofs.sty, see also the homepage of bussproofs.sty.
  • Full names of journals and serials for lists of references in ASL publications, a PDF file posted by the American Mathematical Society.

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