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Lecture Notes in Logic 1
Recursion Theory

Joseph R. Shoenfield


This volume, which ten years ago appeared as the first in the acclaimed series Lecture Notes in Logic, serves as an introduction to recursion theory. The fundamental concept of recursion makes the idea of computability accessible to a mathematical analysis, thus forming one of the pillars on which modern computer science rests.
The clarity and focus of this text have established it as a classic instrument for teaching and self-study that prepares its readers for the study of advanced monographs and the current literature on recursion theory.

Year: 2001
ISBN: 1-56881-149-7
96 pages. Paperback.


Table of Contents

1. Computability
2. Functions and Relations
3. The Basic Machine
4. Macros
5. Closure Properties
6. Definitions of Recursive Functions
7. Codes
8. Indices
9. Church's Thesis
10. Word Problems
11. Undecidable Theories
12. Relative Recursion
13. The Arithmetical Hierarchy

14. Recursively Enumerable Relations
15. Degrees
16. Evaluation of Degrees
17. Large RE Sets
18. Functions of Reals
19. The Analytical Hierarchy
20. The Projective Hierarchy

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