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Lecture Notes in Logic, 13
Logic Colloquium '98

Proceedings of the Annual European Summer
Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic,
held in Prague, Czech Republic
August 9-15, 1998

Sam Buss, Petr Hajek, Pavel Pudlak, editors


This book is the proceedings of the 1998 European Summer Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic, Logic Colloquium '98. The meeting was held at the University of Economics in Prague, August 9-15, 1998. This volume contains papers covering current research from all areas of mathematical logic, including Proof Theory, Set Theory, Model Theory, Computability Theory, and Philosophy. There are twelve articles on Proof Theory; a survey of fuzzy logic; nine articles on Set Theory; four articles on H. Rogers' 1965 agenda for recursive function theory; four articles on Model Theory; and two articles on Belief Theories. A number of these articles deal with theoretical computer science.

Year: 2000
560 pages. Hardcover.


Year: 2000
ISBN: 1-56881-114-4
560 pages. Paperback.


Table of Contents

Opening speech.
Petr Vopenka

Bolzano Medal acceptance speech.
Gaisi Takeuti

Collapsing polynomial-time degrees.
K. Ambos-Spies, L. Bentzien, P. A. Fejer, W. Merkle, and F. Stephan.

Qualitative and probabilistic models of full belief.
H. Arl Costa

Relative splittings of $0^\prime_e$ in the $\Delta^0_2$-enumeration degrees.
M. M. Arslanov and A. Sorbi

A realizability interpretation for classical arithmetic.
J. Avigad

An axiomatization of quantified propositional Godel logic using the Takeuti-Titani rule.
M. Baaz and H. Veith

Another pathological well-ordering.
L. Beklemishev

How small can the set of generics be?
J. Brendle

Entailment relations and distributive lattices.
J. Cederquist and T. Coquand

The Friedberg jump inversion theorem revisited: a study of undefinable cuts.
C. T. Chong, L. Qian, and Y. Yang

Hartley Rogers' 1965 agenda.
S. B. Cooper

Liftings of homomorphisms between quotient structures and Ulam stability.
I. Farah

Mathematical fuzzy logic - state of art.
P. Hajek

Reflections on the last Delfino problem.
K. Hauser

Continuous images of coanalytic sets.
G. Hjorth

Classification of subsheaves over GL-algebras.
U. H$FBhle

On the $\Delta^b_1$ bit-comprehension rule.
J. Johannsen and C. Pollett

Cardinal invariants associated with predictors.
S. Kamo

A theorem on countable ordered sets with an application to universal graphs.
P. Komjath

Dimension theory and smooth stratification of rigid subanalytic sets.
L. Lipshitz and Z. Robinson

The Ramsey structure of A-determined sets in a $\kappa$-saturated universe.
J. Mlcek and P. Zlatos

On $\Sigma$-Definability of admissible sets.
A. S. Morozov

Additive theories.
E. A. Palyutin

Adding multiplication to an o-minimal expansion of the additive group of real numbers.
Y. Peterzil, P. Speissegger, and S. Starchenko

The superjump in Martin-Lof type theory.
M. Rathjen

"Just because": Taking belief bases seriously.
H. Rott

Artin approximation via the model theory of Cohen-Macaulay rings.
H. Schoutens

Ordinal systems, part 2: one inaccessible.
A. Setzer

Autonomous fixed point progressions and fixed point transfinite recursion.
T. Strahm

Finitary reductions for local predicativity, I: recursively regular ordinals.
S. Tupailo

The complexity of linear logic with weakening.
A. Urquhart

Some remarks on the maximality of inner models.
P. D. Welch

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