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Lecture Notes in Logic 2
Logic Colloquium ’90

Proceedings of the Annual European Summer
Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic,
held in Helsinki, Finland
July 15 - 22, 1990

Juha Oikkonen and Jouko Väänänen (Editors)


This book covers the proceedings of a meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic held in Helsinki, Finland, in July 1990. It contains 18 papers written by leading researchers in logic, including most of the invited speakers of the meeting. They cover all fields of mathematical logic from the philosophy of mathematics through model theory, proof theory, recursion theory and set theory, to connections of logic to computer science. The articles published here are still widely referred to and continue to provide ideas for ongoing research projects.

Year: 2001
ISBN: 1-56881-132-2
305 pages. Paperback.

Table of Contents

A note on the ordinal analysis of KPM.
Wilfried Buchholz

On the geometry of U-rank 2 types.
Steven Buechler and Ludomir Newelski

Definability and global degree theory.
S. Barry Cooper

About the irreflexivity hypothesis for free left distributive magmas.
Patrick Dehornoy

On $\omega_1$-complete filters.
Hans-Dieter Donder

Labelled deductive systems: a position paper.
D.M. Gabbay

Temporal expressive completeness in the presence of gaps.
D.M. Gabbay, I.M. Hidkinson, and M.A. Reynolds

New foundations for mathematical theories.
Jaakko Hintikka

Absoluteness for projective sets.
Haim Judah

A division algorithm for the free left distributive algebra.
Richard Laver

Gentzen-type systems and resolution rul. Part II. Predicate logic.
Girigori Mints

An intuitionistic theory of lawlike, choice and lawless sequences.
Joan Rand Moschovakis

Sense and denotation as algorithm and value.
Yiannis N. Moschovakis

A transfinite version of Puiseux's theorem, with applicaitons to real closed fields.
M.H. Mourgues and J.-P. Ressayre

On similarities of complete theories.
T.G. Mustafin

Decidability questions for theories of modules.
Françoise Point

On $CH+2^{\aleph_1}\to (\alpha)^2_2$ for $\alpha<\omega_2$.
Saharon Shelah

On the structure of gamma degrees.
Alan P. Silver

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