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Lecture Notes in Logic, 22


Reinhard Kahle , editor


A compilation of articles about Intensionality in philosophy, logic, linguistics, and mathematics. The articles approach the concept of Intensionality from different perspectives. Some articles address philosophical issues raised by the possible worlds approach to intensionality; others are devoted to technical aspects of modal logic. The volume highlights the particular interdisciplinary nature of intensionality with articles spanning the areas of philosophy, linguistics, mathematics, and computer science.

Year: 2005
ISBN: 1-56881-268-X
280 pages. Paperback.


Year: 2005
Price:$50.00 ISBN:1-56881-267-1
280 pages. Hardcover.

Table of Contents


Thomas Forster
The modal aether

Volker Halbach, Hannes Leitgeb, and Philip Welch
Possible worlds semantics for predicates

Wilfrid Hidges
A context principle

Marcus Kracht and Oliver Kutz
The semantics of modal predicate logic II. Modal individuals revisited

Michiel van Lambalgen and Fritz Hamm
Intensionality and coercion

Karl-Georg Niebergall
Intensionality in philosophy and metamathematics

Andreja Prijatelj
Representation theorem for models of dynamic intensional logic

Krister Segerberg
Intension, intention

Kai Frederick Wehmeier
Modality, mood, and descriptions

Thomas Ede Zimmermann
Coercion vs. indeterminacy in opaque verbs

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