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Lecture Notes in Logic, 28
Logic Colloquium 2005


Costas Dimitricopoulos, Ludomir Newelski, Dag Normann, John R. Steel, editors


The Annual European Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic, generally known as the Logic Colloquium, is the most prestigious annual meeting in the field. Many of the papers presented there are invited surveys of recent developments.

Highlights of this volume from the 2005 meeting include three papers on different aspects of connections between model theory and algebra; a survey of recent major advances in combinatorial set theory; a tutorial on proof theory and modal logic; and a description of Bernay's philosophy of mathematics.

Year: 2007
Price:$75.00 ISBN-13:9780521884259
288 pages. Hardcover.
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Table of Contents

Jan A. Bergstra, Inge Bethke and Alban Ponse
Thread algebra and risk assessment services

Mário J. Edmundo
Covering definable manifolds by open definable subsets

Sergei S. Goncharov
Isomorphisms and definable relations on computable models

Deirdre Haskell
Independence for types in algebraically closed valued fields

Eric Jaligot
Simple groups of finited Morley rank

Hannes Leitgeb
Towards a logic of type-free modality and truth

Justin Tatch Moore
Structural analysis of Aronszajn trees

Sara Negri
Proof analysis in non-classical logics

Charles Parsons
Paul Bernays' later philosophy of mathematics

Greg Restall
Proofnets for S5:sequents and circuits for modal logic

Helmut Schwichtenberg
Recursion on the partial continuous functionals

Michael Sheard
A transactional approach to the logic of truth

Dieter Spreen
On some problems in computable topology

Sergei Tupailo
Monotone inductive definitions and consistency of New Foundations

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