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Lecture Notes in Logic, 29
Logic Colloquium 2004


Alessandro Andretta, Keith Kearnes, Domenico Zambella, editors


Highlights of this volume from the 2004 Annual European Summer Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic (ASL) include a tutorial survey of the recent highpoints of universal algebra, written by a leading expert; explorations of foundational questions; a quartet of model theory papers giving an excellent reflection of current work in model theory, from the most abstract aspect "abstract elementary classes" to issues around p-adic integration.

Year: 2008
Price:$75.00 ISBN-13:9780521884242
236 pages. Hardcover.
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Table of Contents

John T. Baldwin
Abstract elementary classes: some answers, more questions

Tomek Bartoszynski and Saharon Shelah
On the density of Hausdorff ultrafilters

Alessandro Berarducci
Zero groups and maximal tori

A. Cantini and L. Crosilla
Constructive set theory with operations

Raf Cluckers
Parametrized local zeta functions

Colourings of hypergraphs, permutation groups and CSP's
Benoit Larose and Lucien Haddad

Paolo Lipparini
Congruence, tolerance identities; congruence modularity; shifting principle

Anton Setzer
Universes in type theory part I - inaccessibles and Mahlo

Frank Stephan
Hausdorff dimension and weak truth table reducibility

Gugglielmo Tamburrini and Edoardo Datteri
Computation and the explanation of intelligent behaviours: ethnologically motivated restart

Ivan Tomasic
Constructible sheaves and definability

Ross Willard
An overview of modern universal algebra


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