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Lecture Notes in Logic, 35
Logic Colloquium 2007


Françoise Delon, Ulrich Kohlenbach, Penelope Maddy, Frank Stephan (Editors)


The Annual European Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic, also known as the Logic Colloquium, is among the most prestigious annual meetings in the field. The current volume, Logic Colloquium 2007, with contributions from plenary speakers and selected special session speakers, contains both expository and research papers by some of the best logicians in the world. This volume covers many areas of contemporary logic: model theory, proof theory, set theory, and computer science, as well as philosophical logic, including tutorials on cardinal arithmetic, on Pillay’s conjecture, and on automatic structures. This volume will be invaluable for experts as well as those interested in an overview of central contemporary themes in mathematical logic.

Year: 2010
Price:$90.00 ISBN-13: 9780521760652
282 pages. Hardcover.
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Table of Contents

Speakers and Titles

Vedran Cacic, Pavel Pudlak, Greg Restall, Alasdair Urquhart and Albert Visser
Decorated linear order types and the theory of concatenation

Andres Eduardo Caicedo
Cardinal preserving elementary embeddings

Fernando Ferreira
Proof interpretations and majorizability

Philipp Gerhardy
Proof mining in practice

Steve Jackson
Cardinal structure under AD

Bakhadyr Khoussainov and Mia Minnes
Three lectures on automatic structures

Ya'acov Peterzil
Pillay's conjecture and its solution - a survey

Proof theory and meaning: on the context of deducibility Greg Restall

Marcus Tressl
Bounded super real closed rings

Andreas Weiermann
Analytic combinatorics of the transfinite: a unifying Tauberian perspective


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