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Perspectives in Mathematical Logic was initiated in 1969 by the Omega Group, which consisted of R. O. Gandy, H. Hermes, A. Levy, G. H. Muller, G. E. Sacks, and D. S. Scott. Initially it was supported by a grant from the Stiftung Volkswagenwerk and appeared under the auspices of the Heidelberger Akademie. Since 1986 it has been published under the auspices of the Association for Symbolic Logic, which appoints the Editorial Board. The current Editors are Solomon Feferman, Wilfrid Hodges (Managing Editor), Manuel Lerman, Menachem Magidor, and Andre Scedrov.

This series is now being published by the Association for Symbolic Logic on its own; the collaboration with Springer-Verlag came to an end on April 30, 2001. Thanks to the generosity of Springer-Verlag, ASL will distribute the available stock of certain books in the series to the logic community at a low price (as has been done with the existing stock of books in the Lecture Notes in Logic). Some books in the series will continue to be made available by Springer-Verlag and others will be reprinted by ASL. At the moment (October 2001) the situation is in flux and plans for the future are being made. Inquiries may be made via the ASL business office :

Association for Symbolic Logic
Box 742, Vassar College
124 Raymond Avenue
Poughkeepsie, New York 12604
telephone: 845-437-7080 Fax: 845-437-7830

This series publishes books in all areas of mathematical logic. This is a subject whose origins lie in philosophy and foundations of mathematics. During the last half century it has formed deep links with algebra, geometry, analysis, and other branches of mathematics. More recently it has developed close connections with theoretical computer science, and its influence in linguistics is growing. Submissions in all of these areas are welcomed by the Editors.

Books in the series are of several different levels. Some are introductory texts suitable for advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate courses. Others are specialized research monographs. Some are expositions of well-established material and others are at the frontiers of research. Each offers an illuminating perspective for its intended audience.


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