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Perspectives Volumes published by the ASL with Cambridge University Press

Members of the ASL are entitled to a 25% discount on books in the Perspectives in Logic series published by Cambridge University Press. Use code ASL2016.

The books listed below are the new and reprinted volumes published by the ASL in conjunction with Cambridge University Press. To order any of these books, click here.

Available Volumes

Paris and Vencovska: Pure Inductive Logic

Simpson: Subsystems of Second Order Arithmetic, second

Cook and Nguyen: Logical Foundations of Proof Complexity

Schwichtenberg and Wainer: Proofs and Computations

Henk Barendregt, Wil Dekkers, Richard Statman: Lambda Calculus with Types

Older Perspectives Volumes published by Springer-Verlag

The ASL has made available online via Project Euclid those older volumes of Perspectives in Logic owned by the ASL and published in collaboration with Springer-Verlag.

They will soon be available both electronically and for PoD at CUP.


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