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Available Perspectives Volumes

Owing to the generosity of Springer-Verlag, the remaining stock of certain books in the series is being made available to the logic community at low prices, (as has been done with the existing stock of books in the Lecture Notes in Logic series that were published by Springer-Verlag). The prices cover the costs of shipping, administration, handling, and postage. This price will apply as long as the existing stock lasts.

Payment should be by Visa or MasterCard credit card or by check in US dollars.

Orders should be sent to: (Click here for an order form)

Association for Symbolic Logic
Box 742, Vassar College
124 Raymond Avenue
Poughkeepsie, New York 12604 USA
Telephone: 845-437-7080 Fax: 845-437-7830

Shipment will be by ordinary mail (surface mail to overseas addresses).

All books are hardcover except where noted.

The remaining volumes are listed below.

Essential Stability Theory. S. Buechler. (1996, 345 pp.) ISBN 3-540-61011-1

Constructibility. K. J. Devlin. (1984, 425 pp.) ISBN 3-540-13258-9

Metamathematics of First Order Arithmetic. P. Hajek and P. Pudlak. (1998, 460 pp), Softcover.
ISBN 3-540-63648-X

Computability in Analysis and Physics. M. B. Pour-EL and J. I. Richards. (1989, 206 pp. ) ISBN 3-540-50035-9

The following volumes are from the Omega-Bibliography of Mathematical Logic:

Volume II: Non-Classical Logics. G.H. Müller, W. Lenski; W. Rautenberg (eds.) (1987, 469 pp.) ISBN 3-540-15521-X

Volume III: Model Theory. G.H. Müller, W. Lenski; H.-D. Ebbinghaus (eds.) (1987, 617 pp.)ISBN 3-540-15522-8

Volume IV: Recursion Theory. G.H. Müller, W. Lenski; P.G. Hinman (eds.) (1987, 696 pp.) ISBN 3-540-15523-6

Volume V: Set Theory. G.H. Müller, W. Lenski; A. Blass (eds.) (1987, 791 pp.) ISBN 3-540-15525-2

Volume VI: Proof Theory, Constructive Mathematics. G.H. Müller, W. Lenski; J.E. Kister &
D. van Dalen & A.S. Toelstra (eds.) (1987, 405pp.) ISBN 3-540-155524-4


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