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Access to Current JSL and BSL for ASL Members via Project Euclid

Access to the full-text of current issues of The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic and The Journal of Symbolic Logic has now been made available to all ASL members electronically via Project Euclid. Individual members who wish to gain access should follow these instructions: (1) go to; (2) click on `Log in ' in the top right-hand corner of the screen; (3) click on "create a profile here'' in the center of the login page; (4) fill in at least the required fields (those with an asterisk) in the top half of the form, setting Euclid ID and Password to anything you wish, but remember these for future logins; (5) go to the bottom half of the form ("Personal Subscription Registration''); (6) select the Association for Symbolic Logic Journals and in the subscriber code box enter your individual membership ID number (you will find this number on your journal mailing label). For individuals who were members in 2005 or before, please contact the ASL Member Service provider at the American Mathematical Society at for additional code information that may be required ; (7) at the bottom of the form, click the `Create Profile' button, at which point users should then see a confirmation screen and should have access to full-content of the BSL and JSL. If you need help obtaining your membership ID number, contact the ASL Member Service provider at the American Mathematical Society at If you have any trouble using the Personal Subscription Registration form, please contact

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